Throw back

Colin and I stopped over in Prince George last weekend to have a few rest days. We stayed at my cousin house who has moved since the last time I had been there. They have a beautiful home on a few acres where Colin and I enjoyed doing nothing and watching 80s movie on the free movie channel. We also got a chance to have a great visit with my auntie Della, my uncle and my cousin Margie (who I’ve never met before now).

When I was a kid I fondly remember a few trips to Prince George to see my auntie Joyce, uncle Bob and to hang with my cousins. Everyone is extra grown up now and some of the kids when I was a kid have a lot of there own kids now.

My dad sent me this photo of us in 91 or 92 hanging at my cousin Rob and Elaine’s house in Hixon BC.

In photo from left to right: Martin, Matt, Adam, Jocelyn, my Auntie Gayle, Lindsey, Carly, Erin, Greg and me

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  • Dwight

    Hey Kiddo. I remember taking this photo. I said ” Okay guys…show me your goofy faces” It was from the summer of 1992.

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