Keep on Truckin

We had a tough day coming out of Prince George.

Our first challenge was a 3KM stretch of highway construction that left us on a busy road without a shoulder. We chose to walk beside the road on gravel for a ways until a friendly construction worker named Jordan offered us a ride in his truck.

Jordan moved back to Prince George recently and was working 12 hour days 7 days a week. He told us he planned to travel after working and when asked where he answered “anywhere but here”.

Our next challenge was yet more construction. We had been making our way up and out of downtown Prince George on a busy road with a tiny shoulder only to be stopped by a construction worker who would not let us pass on the current road as it had been reduced to one lane.

Frustrated we asked a number of questions about how far the construction went on and what alternatives we had without getting any useful information other than go up the hill by Walmart.

We did find an alternate route and finally climbed out of Prince George.

The next 40 km were spent on the highway white knuckled as an unimaginable number of logging trucks, hauling trucks, heavy machinery trucks, road maintenance trucks, line painting trucks, Pepsi trucks, Live Trout trucks Dodge, Ford and Chevy trucks all blew past us on an almost shoulderless road.

It wasn’t very fun and it was hot.

We did eventually make it to the Bednesti Lake RV park which is pretty run down but offered us a great tent site right on the lake for a very cheap price. In the morning we also discovered a tiny diner which we thought was condemned but in fact had great breakfast muffins and copious coffee and people watching for Keely.

We’re looking forward to getting west of Vanderhoof as we hear there are less trucks.