Catch up!

Since leaving Culcluz lake we have been threw a fair amount that we haven’t caught up on writing down. So I’ll try to give y’all the gist.

We arrived in Vanderhoof,THE GEOGRAPHICAL CENTRE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, to a off and on rainy day. We found a place to have dinner (GF pizza!) and also got to have a shower! There was a local farmers market happening so we checked it out and bought a tiny bit of raspberry honey from a very nice lady. She also a had pug puppy and I was a happy gal hanging in her tent. The town had a nice pathway system so Colin and I rode around for awhile in the evening and checked out the bird sanctuary island from a lookout point along the river. We met a fleece wearing dude named Patrick who was meeting up with a tree planting crew the next day. It so happens that our friends Kirsty and Brianna are on that crew and we asked him to say hi to them, then gave him the key code to the shower rooms at our campsite so he could score a clean up as well.

The next day we rode to Beaumont Provincial Park and got our camp site set up just before a quick storm moved in. After about a hour the sun was back a-blazing and Colin and I enjoyed a cold but wonderful evening dip in the lake.

Our park ranger gave us free wood after I did a survey for BC parks and we had a huge fire.

In the morning we chatted a bit with a fellow from a tiny town near Radium. He was riding his motorbike up to the Dust to Dawson gathering and then over to Alaska before being back in three weeks for his sons wedding. We hope you have a fun trip and better luck with the rainbow trout up north!

We moseyed on threw Fraser lake in the hot sun but got caught by a flash storm. We pulled our bikes off on a tiny road to get rain geared up and heard a voice calling to us. A nice couple, the Renshaws, lived just down the road and saw us ride up in a panic. They welcomed us into there home and made us tea and coffee while the storm passed. They had a beautiful home and we enjoyed chatting with them about there years out there on their acreage. Thanks for the rain break!!

We booked it a rode over 70km that day to a free campsite on a lake called co-op lake. Owned by the forestry industry this campsite wasn’t your typical provincial park with beautiful facilities and beaches. Mud pits roads and an old outhouse was the decor. It was defiantly the place for anyone who fishes to just show up, catch a bucket and roll back to town. There were a couple other campers with us and it worked just perfect for a free night on a pretty lake!

Photos might get added tomorrow when we are in Houston.