Continuing Westward

We rolled out of Co-op lake with a few kilometers of pure downhill gravel riding to enjoy, our sights set on Burns Lake for some breakfast/lunch.

After the gravel we still had twenty odd kilometers to ride and it was hot riding. When we arrived sweaty and hungry we were bummed to find that Burns Lake isn’t exactly hopping on a Sunday.

After going to the end of town and back we finally ended up in the only open restaurant other than the breakfast place serving a weird all day Chinese food Father’s Day buffet.

Luckily that restaurant was an awesome pub with a large variety of gluten free dishes. We filled our bellies and headed to the lake for a dip and a good ol’ hobo wash down.

After some lazing in the sun and grabbing a few groceries we headed out of town in search of somewhere to camp at one of the nearby small lakes or at the airport as an older gentleman had suggested.

The airport didn’t pan out but we lucked out and stumbled across a free campground on Rose Lake. The campground was a cute little setup that included a tent shelter, picnic tables an old swing set and a wood shed. The campground was called Rose Lake Memorial Park and was just the ticket.

We hit that hay and waited for sleep, unfortunately my mind was not as tired as my body.

That night I spent much too long straining my ears trying to figure out what kind of beast was foraging around in the small treed area behind us. As time went on I no longer had to strain my ears and simply hoped the sporadic near by crunching and trashing wouldn’t make it’s way into our tent. Keely was pretty sure it was a moose and I agree. For some reason it was just one of those over active mind in the tent nights.

Eventually sleep could wait no longer and I slipped away for a few hours of rest.

Keely and I packed up the next morning a bit groggy and headed out towards Houston. It was a nice day of riding with sunny weather and we enjoyed a lengthily mid day break at a small shop in Topley.

we arrived in Houston just as the sky was looking ugly and got ourselves settled at a small RV park just in time.20130620-152419.jpg20130620-152453.jpg20130620-152539.jpg20130620-152613.jpg20130620-152631.jpg20130620-152654.jpg20130620-152716.jpg20130620-152747.jpg20130620-152758.jpg20130620-162820.jpg