North Point

We stayed in a RV park in Houston, showered and ate lots of food. Nothing too spectacular to mention other than we had a gradual downhill for 30km into town (Just flying!), I attempted to ride a bull riding sculpture of the the town hero (I’m pathetic at climbing so Colin made fun of me a bit), and Houston is the home to the largest fly fishing rod IN THE WORLD.

We made our way towards Smithers and stopped at a warm showers (cycling host network) along the way in a village called Telkwa. Our host, John, was not home but gave us directions to the cabin he offers cyclists. The place was called Rainbow Adult Park and a bicycle was hanging from the sign. It’s hard to guess what you can expect from an “adult park” but it was perfect. The tiny green cabin sat at the end of a mobile home residential area on top of a steep cliff overlooking the Bulkley river. It had a double bed and a set of bunks. We had access to wifi, showers and laundry. I might have accidentally mistaken the doors inside the laundry area and walked in on a middle aged fellow frying eggs in his tighty-whiteys but we still got everything else we needed. Just another story to add to Keelys embarrassing moments.

The next day we had a rainy ride to Smithers. Our warm showers host in this town had to cancel on us so Colin and I walked around town – drank the most amazing chai tea at Eagle Mountain Books – and tried to think up a plan of where to stay. I had emailed another host in town but never heard back. So in a desperate moment I called her and asked if we could stay.

Laura has 5 kids (20, 19, 15, 3 and 2). She is a teacher\librarian and obviously has a lot on her plate (don’t get me wrong – it’s a lot of awesome). Regardless of the full life and the paper marking that the end of the school year brings she welcomed us into her home and Colin and I enjoyed a comfy couch sleep for two nights!

Their family was amazing and I enjoyed seeing how Laura and her husband, Floyd live such a busy life with cool and calm ‘tudes.

Laura’s mom lived next door and had done quite a bit of bike touring herself and gave us some good tips of places to sleep for free along the way (RCMP building yards and road maintenance property).

We headed to a reserve called Moricetown for aboriginal day. The town, also set on the Bulkley river, has a massive river canon that the locals harpoon on. Sadly the river has been too high for good fishing and we didn’t get to see the action. Regardless, we stopped at the canon and explored around a bit.

We stopped at their community area and enjoyed free BBQ’d salmon and drumming by the elders. It was a perfect break for a 27 degree day.

Our goal was to reach Old Hazleton so we biked on later into the evening. There is a campsite in Ksan where the old town has been inhabited for over 10000 years. Just before reaching town we were stopped by a man and his family in a ford truck. Darren and his four kids quickly invited us to stay on their property for the night and have a fire with them. Free camping? Free fire? Heck yes!
And what a property they had!! The view was breathtaking and their company was fantastic.
The land they lived on was also shared with two other guys, Chris and Martin. Chris is from Vancouver and Martin from Germany. The two of them, along with Darren are starting a project called commonunity. Like other hippie-esk living situations they would share all responsibilities, supply themselves with food they grow in a permaculture garden and live off the land as much as possible.

Jade, Darren’s oldest, quickly looked at us and stated “this house has NO power or running water” and sighed as a teenager might in an iPhone world.

Even though these kids didn’t have power or running water at their dads they seemed to know more then Colin and I did about foraging from the land. The youngest one was eating young tree needles and dandelion leaves as we hung around the fire. They will definitely grow up to be neat little forest children.20130625-135525.jpg20130625-135550.jpg20130625-135617.jpg20130625-135647.jpg20130625-135708.jpg20130625-135739.jpg20130625-135751.jpg20130625-135804.jpg20130625-135813.jpg20130625-135827.jpg20130625-135843.jpg20130625-131532.jpg20130625-131551.jpg20130625-131604.jpg20130625-131620.jpg20130625-131704.jpg20130625-131730.jpg20130625-131754.jpg