Old Hazleton to Kitwanga

We had a great sleep sheltered in beside the cabin and awoke to a clear day. Darren invited us in for breakfast with everyone where we enjoyed quinoa with honey and cinnamon.

After breakfast Keely did some tune ups on one of the kids bikes and we packed away our home.

We said our goodbyes to Darren and the kids and then stopped by to say goodbye to Martin and Chris and take a peek at the shop they were building and the permaculture garden they had recently finished.

We headed further south and mostly downhill into Old Hazleton passing a graduating class photo shoot on the way. At the bottom of he hill we were treated to a beautiful view of the Bulkley River meeting the Skeena River.

Old Hazleton is a fascinating place where people have lived for over 10,000 years. We walked around the old town where a number of Aboriginal structures and totem poles have been restored as well as various building and steam ships from more recent days when Hazleton was a hopping trading town.

We lazily walked around enjoying the muggy day and learning about the area. In one particular shop we finally learned the name of re amazing mountain that was visible everywhere – Roche de Boule or the traditional name Stegyawden. The traditional name comes from an interesting Aborigonal tale involving a one horned goat boy and a lesson about not messing with Mother Nature.

Around 5:00 we decided we’d better hit the road if we had any chance of making it the 70 odd km to Kitwanga.

Back up the hill we went and back over the amazing bridge that takes you across the Bulkley River. The bridge is made of metal and when you look down you can see hundreds of feet to the canyon below. It is the most fun bridge I have ever crossed! Keely said looking down made her feel sick!

About 10km later we were a sweaty mess and wishing for some wind or rain. Luckily just around the corner was Seely Lake. We pulled over and jumped right in the water.

The Swimming was so fantastic and refreshing and the abundance of beauty was overwhelming. From the mountain views right down to the fish swimming around our legs it was just perfect.

After a good soak and clean we jumped back in the saddle and headed west feeling like new. The rest of the day was still roasting but what a difference a swim can make!

Some time later we reached the turn off to Highway 37 which leads to Alaska. We realize it was 10:00pm and laughed – guess we better go find the RV park up the road.

We set up camp and cooked dinner as a huge almost full moon rose over the mountains with sun still shining behind us. We wouldn’t be heading North much more on this trip so we enjoyed the clear night and unfamiliar brightness in the sky past midnight.