This Lady’s Ride

I believe Colin will post about our visit to Terrace and the rest of our trip to the ocean but I wanted to make a post about riding in general.

This is my first tour. The longest I’ve rode in one day prior to this trip is about 100km with the lovely Jen Miller and Angel. We ventured out to Bragg Creek last spring with two old school 10 speeds and one single speed. The head wind and hills on Spring Bank Rd were killer for me. I think I walked up almost every hill. When we arrived in Bragg we stopped for coffee and got laughed at by some speed cyclists with their carbon bikes. Regardless of the being laughed at and the flat that Angel got, we had a fun day of riding. Especially since Jen packed enough food for all three of us for two days!

So I have to say – I didn’t know what to expect when I rolled out of Jasper with a fully loaded bike that I could barely balance. Colin and I were only riding 30km our first day and it was nice knowing we would make it no matter what because of the short distance.

The first day was great! The second was manageable. The third was tough. As the days went on it started getting harder. We were riding longer distances and my muscles were getting beat up while they were trying to build. Not a great combo.

I was chowing back my recovery (shout out to all my Community Natural Fooders!) to help my muscles heal a bit. I’d say it took until the end of my second week to start feeling good. Both Colin and I are impressed by how great our backs feel! My body is finally getting stronger and as we reach the end of our third week. I’d have to say the last 4 days of riding have been the best. I’m less worried about hills (I still walk a few). I don’t worry about making it to a place that’s safe to camp because I know I could ride further if I needed to. I can ride my fully loaded bike with no hands and hold its balance!! AND keep up to the carbon speed cyclists with a heavy, steel, fully loaded bike!! It’s made for a more enjoyable day. It probably also helps that since Smithers, BC the landscape and views have been mind blowing. It’s truly a beautiful place up “north” in BC & I’m glad I had time to get strong before getting here.

To all you folks reading that love riding a bike for fun but maybe you think you’re not quite touring material – give yourself time! People told me a week to get my legs but it took me three & maybe it would take you longer but it’s totally worth it!

Much bike love,


(Posted are two old photos from the Bragg ride with Angel and Jen & a few from the last few days)