Throw back

Colin and I stopped over in Prince George last weekend to have a few rest days. We stayed at my cousin house who has moved since the last time I had been there. They have a beautiful home on a few acres where Colin and I enjoyed doing nothing and watching 80s movie on the free movie channel. We also got a chance to have a great visit with my auntie Della, my uncle and my cousin Margie (who I’ve never met before now).

When I was a kid I fondly remember a few trips to Prince George to see my auntie Joyce, uncle Bob and to hang with my cousins. Everyone is extra grown up now and some of the kids when I was a kid have a lot of there own kids now.

My dad sent me this photo of us in 91 or 92 hanging at my cousin Rob and Elaine’s house in Hixon BC.

In photo from left to right: Martin, Matt, Adam, Jocelyn, my Auntie Gayle, Lindsey, Carly, Erin, Greg and me

Colin look-a-like

Yesterday my sister, Erin, messaged me and had decided that Colin looked like a young Matthew Broderick. What else could I do but mash their faces together.

The Ancient Forest

A few days ago we had the opportunity to stop and check out the Ancient Forest to break up the day.

The Ancient Forest consist of a mini network of trails that takes you through an area with giant old growth cedar trees Including the “Big Tree”.

This forest was saved from lumber extraction and is now diligently maintained by the AFA.

Despite the wet weather we enjoyed exploring the forest and peering at the thousand year old trees.













It’s Been One Week

After leaving Bonnie and Curtis’s (we wish we could have stayed FOREVER) we set out for a 65 km day. After riding 65km and becoming totally beat from riding uphill most of the day we realized our supposed camp spot wasn’t there… We asked a local who was turning off of a logging road and he let us know that it was still another 10-15km and mostly up a huge hill. (Que sad face). 80km & 11pm rolled around and so did Colin and I to our camp spot, exhausted and sweaty. We quickly cooked in the dark and passed out.

The next day we rode only 44km to a rest stop called Dome Creek. There were flush toilets and picnic tables. Not a campsite but Colin and I pitched our tent and made it home. With lots of travellers and truckers stoping in to get a walk and pee break they also got a peek into the hobo life of Keek and Colin. Pretty sure we got the craziest looks as we ate power bars, washed our dishes, brushed our teeth and hung out under the awning of the bathroom building. Living the life of luxury. Our burnt faces and heavy eyes probably didn’t help much. The rain was so heavy in the evening that the soil on the cliff above the river was eroding away and trees were crashing into the river.

After sleeping for 12hours that night and feeling like Dome Creek was a time warp we couldn’t escape we rolled out and had a great ride to Purden Lake – a REAL campsite. We splurged on buying firewood and had a huge dinner (coconut veggie rice with lentil chilli on top!). The running water was spring water fed and drinkable (not non-potable bathroom water that we had to filter! Woot woot) and our campsite neighbours (Pat and Tamika) lent us an axe to cut our wood.

We arrived in Prince George last night and rode to my cousins house just outside town. They are away for the weekend but will be back tonight to visit with. It’s great to have a rest day.

All in all, the last few days have been good. It’s been a lot rainier but Colin and I have got the gearing up and gearing down managed well.

Colin will post soon about an awesome attraction, the ancient forest!!! BC is beautiful!
















Bonnie and Curtis

I just wanted to make sure I wrote a post about these two amazing folks before too many days passed.

Yesterday after about 6 hours of riding in the hot sun a red mustang pulled over beside us and to our surprise Bonnie and her grandson, Peter, stopped to meet us and take all our bags. Bonnie and her husband Curtis were our next destination. A warm shower and a dry bed was all we expected but we got so much more.

After a 60km per an hour ride down a huge hill (with no heavy bags!) into the Robson Valley and across the Fraser river we arrived to our home for the night. Bonnie had started cooking potatoes (score for me) and we unloaded out bags and had a hot shower.

Great dinner and good conversation was out night.

We got the night to explore Bonnie’s amazing lilac garden (one of the biggest in the west as Curtis told us) and learn about the humming birds that Curtis is helping tag and track for the Canadian wildlife association (hummingbirds he has tagged have gone from Alaska to Alabama and Texas and back)

We were welcomed into there warm home with open arms and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Plus Colin got homemade cookies for the day!

Thanks Bonnie and Curtis! We hope you have a great summer and we also hope to see you again one day. (Maybe for the hippie music fest!)



Mount Robson and Beyond

Our first day riding went quite well. We rolled out of busy Jasper a bit nervous and in a rush to hopefully avoid a storm that seemed to be coming our way. With great luck we were only spit on and stayed nice and dry.

Neither Keely or I took the time to set up our cycle computer so we’ve been using my computer calculated to the wrong tire size from my last trip. Thus we have been measuring distance and speed in KCs (Keely Colin units).

About 2 KCs from our planned campsite we spotted a big ol Grizzly bear hanging out on the side of the road. Apparently there have been a pair of mating bears so it isn’t too surprising.

We pulled into the Lucerne campground on Whitney lake and were delighted to find a walk/bike in spot blocked to cars. The spot was super deluxe right on the lake with a great view.

We both slept like a rock and when we woke up and started packing we were treated to a Grizzly swimming across the lake! He reached the far shore, shook off and sauntered off into the forest.

Our second day we travelled a few more KCs to Mount Robson. Lots of downhill today which was fast and fun.

We again escaped most of the rain until our campsite where we had time to set up our tent and a little shelter. The rain quickly passed and we were treated to a clear view of Mount Robson and the surrounding mountains.

We spent the remainder of the evening wandering around the area and down by the Robson River before heading to bed.

Now we’re hanging out in Dunster with our amazing Warm Showers hosts Bonnie and Curtis. Our last day was difficult and we’re getting ready to head off on a long remote section to Prince George so more on last day and our delightful stay in Dunster soon!20130605-110132.jpg20130605-110151.jpg20130605-110207.jpg20130605-110217.jpg20130605-110243.jpg20130605-110308.jpg20130605-110226.jpg20130605-110253.jpg20130605-110359.jpg20130605-110421.jpg20130605-110317.jpg20130605-110411.jpg20130605-110446.jpg20130605-110502.jpg20130605-110431.jpg20130605-110514.jpg20130605-110623.jpg20130605-110529.jpg20130605-110605.jpg20130605-110549.jpg20130605-111358.jpg20130605-111446.jpg20130605-111415.jpg20130605-111549.jpg20130605-111537.jpg20130605-111603.jpg20130605-111519.jpg20130605-111617.jpg20130605-111509.jpg20130605-111426.jpg20130605-111718.jpg20130605-111731.jpg20130605-111746.jpg20130605-111810.jpg20130605-111801.jpg20130605-111849.jpg20130605-111832.jpg20130605-111900.jpg

Here We Go!


Leaving from Jasper today!